#TipTuesday: Master the multipurpose room

By Go Design Go

Let’s face it—sometimes a client’s home just doesn’t have as much square footage as it should to meet every necessity in a design project. When that’s the case, it’s time to get creative and make certain spaces do double duty.

Ready to wrap two rooms into one? In this week’s #TipTuesday, three interior designers share their expertise with floor plans and storage solutions so that you can help your clients get the most out of their space.

Gin Braverman
Profession: Owner, gindesignsgroup, Houston and Brooklyn

What multipurpose room do you find is the most common? Creating a comfortable space for an extra guest is a common request, and although there are many places that work, we typically end up utilizing the media room since it is not a primary living space.

How do you approach the floor plan of a dual-purpose room? We typically allow space for a Murphy hideaway bed since this is the ultimate space-saver. Ensuring that there has to be a nice place for the furniture to land when the bed is pulled out is essential to the room feeling finished in both states. Little extras like a floor lamp that can double as a bedside reading lamp and end tables that become side tables keep it functional.

How do you make the most of storage in this situation? There are a lot of opportunities to integrate storage into a Murphy bed’s surrounding millwork. We’ve added full closets disguised with mirrored paneled doors to either side. These help to make the room look larger, bounce light and provide guests with an instant dressing room.

Courtesy of Go Design Go